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June 05, 2007


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Dave Traynor

My family is having a reunion this summer, so I put up a simple Wiki at www.traynorreunion.com using PBWiki. It seemed that what people were most interested in were the details of the event, maps to get there, a list of who is coming (that the participants add themselves) and an opportunity to post other things, like parties that might be springing up in addition to the main event.

I haven't added any links to picture pages, but I expect that we'll put something together on one of the sites, like Flickr, or MSN or something, where people can add their own.

When I went to my own reunion last summer, the website they used was pretty minimal as well. But everyone seemed to think it worked all right. The most important thing about any of these is making sure that people who want to get notified via email about what happens get something. That's where PBWiki is so handy. If people ask for updates, they'll get told everytime someone adds something to the pages, so they keep noticing who's coming.

Mark Vane

Hey, I recently added a news widget from www.widgetmate.com to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.


Facebook is a really simple way to network and it is something you can use to keep in touch after the reunion as well. I enjoy this site a lot better than myspace for networking.

Kevin Dugan

Eric - There is a ton of stuff you can do to get folks pumped up. And I think you can use social media to keep the conversation going after the event.

Prior to the event, take a couple of more general pictures from your senior high school year book and scan them in. Create a photo story (free microsoft software) with some good late 70's music as the soundtrack and use this to get people excited about the event. Serve it up on your site via YouTube.

Create a flickr group the pushes to the site as well. Have people start loading old photos in prior and you could use them to create another photostory that you could project at the event (if you get enough obviously). The group might be more robust after with all of the event photos that are taken.

Could be a lot of fun. Good luck!


Work with a Google Group. All the tools are so easily connected. Photo sharing, calendar, email, instant message, message boards, etc...

Internet marketing

i must say It seemed that what people were most interested in were the details of the event, maps to get there, a list of who is coming (that the participants add themselves). www.jeffpaulportal.com

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