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March 22, 2005


Nick W

Well said that man. I use it, but i resent having too, and yes, i feel like a dork everytime i have to say it...

There is a worrying trend of "trend jumping" out there, anything even remotely resembling a bandwagon is being leapt on by the prositutes of PR in the ahem.. blogospher in the hope that Scoble might link to them. Its rather pathetic.

Transparency is one such term, obcenely over and misused. I've even seen bloggers bragging about their site stats in the name of transparency..

Really, this whole thing resembles a chimpanzees tea party more than anything that could be remotely linked to intelligent distributed convesation more often than not...

Shel Holtz

I don't like it either, Eric; that's my point. The genie's out of the bottle, the train has left the station. "Cyberspace" sounded the same way in 1993; today nobody gives it a thought.

By the way, I honestly hadn't read any of your posts on the topic. They were all on non-communication blogs.

I wonder how flight attendants feel when they tell you to "deplane." Do I decar? Debus? Detrain? But try to make the word go away.

I'm also reminded of Joan Didion's excellent essay in "The White Album" in which she savaged the women's rights movement for minimalizing itself by expending resources in an effort to get people to say "person-hole cover" instead of "manhole cover." With all the substantive issues out there, what did this effort do except make the movement look petty?

It's just time to move on.

Eric E

LOL. I've actually been meaning to get a bit more serious about some of my topics and do less trend jumping as you put it, Nick. I just couldn't resist taking one last kick at "blogosphere" before I give up and adopt it like everyone else.

However, if I use the word as often as I've used "cyberspace" in the past 12 years, then I'll be safe. I don't think I've mentioned cyberspace more than a couple of times when I wasn't being ironic.

Yes, Shel, I concede that blogosphere and a whole bunch of other questionable words have entered the common parlance. I may go out of my way not to use words that make me gag, but I probably won't be doing any more loud protesting (some might call it whining!) either.

Your fellow blogospherian,


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