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March 19, 2005


Chris Pirillo

Well, I'd argue that most of that is actually helpful... not neccesarily hurting. The beauty of contextual-based advertising is that it's actually relevant to the content that's already being written. What's wrong with automatically providing more resources for more information?

I'm considering eliminating the top graphical banner ad when we don't have someone paying to be there.

Oh, what's Bumph? :)

Nick W

I dont think that's too much at all, actually i think it's a rather good balance, but the top banner should go, period.

Eric E

Chris: Bumph is just a word for promotional copy. It's not advertising someone else, but it's also not getting helping anyone get closer to the info they want. Every site should have some bumph, for people who have visited before.

I agree that ads aren't evil. I was just struck by what seemed an overbalance on the ad side.

But if I had to choose between what you have and some crappy spash page of ads before I get to the meat of the site, I'll take an ad-heavy opening page any day.

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