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April 16, 2005


Jeremy Pepper

Man, this is the best post I have read yet on the idiocy of the situation. That was going to be my next Cluelesstrain post, and now I feel that I should just link to this post and write - yah, that.

Well, there's always the hoopla over character blogs.


Hey Eric,

I tell ya', I have to agree with Jeremy. It is the best post, with the most rational and well-thought out examination of the episode.

My only thoughts after this for my students are (1) don't do what the publicist did with the release and (2) don't do what B.L. did in response. Both were regrettable and avoidable. The reaction made the release/attachment look quite innocent and easily forgiven by comparison.

Thanks for this post and the mention.

All the best.


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