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April 18, 2005


Jack Krupansky

My sentiments exactly.

I would also suggest that the linkee (content creator) deserves proper attribution, and once you've established that discipline (including the author's name, publication/blog/site name, and article title), adding a minimal, terse reason for why you brought up the link is not much more to ask.

-- Jack Krupansky

Eric Eggertson

Good point, Jack. I've been experimenting with adding more information when I post links. I find it's often hard to include it in a paragraph, so I now find myself including links at the bottom of the item.

One thing I've noticed is that bloggers seem to be willfully blind to the fact that most mainstream media articles they refer to were researched and written by people. It's much more common to see "In the Los Angeles Times yesterday," instead of "Sandy Mitchelson wrote in the LA Times yesterday..."

Michael Swartz

Good points.

I enjoy the way Dave Winer displays his links.


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