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June 27, 2005


Constantin Basturea

Here's the page:

I added a couple of new items, in order to reflect a greater diversity of opinions ;)

Elizabeth Albrycht

FOFL. You made my day this morning!

Now if only I had chosen to use humor instead of grumping at people. But we are having a heat wave and I don't have AC. So I was GRUMPY instead.

Neville Hobson

Nice, Eric. Number 5 - superb!

And I never knew that Brad Pitt was really a blogger in disguise... ;)

Eric Eggertson

Constantin: Thanks. I love the page on the wiki. It's already better than the original, which I guess proves the benefits of wikis. I forgot to link directly to the NewPR Wiki in the original post, so I'll go back and do that.

Elizabeth: I was hoping you wouldn't think I was taking a potshot at you. More of a pillow to the head. ;-)

Neville: I hear Brad Pitt is the sexiest man alive, and that photo proves it!

John Wagner


I can't believe you didn't include me in your list of A-listers on No. 9! What goes a guy have to do to get noticed around here??? :)

Good stuff ... thanks for the laugh.

John Wagner

Whoops ... that should say what DOES a guy have to do.


My addition?

"Mainstream journalists don't take bloggers seriously. it will be their downfall."

Jozef Imrich

As usual, Eric this post is spread with honey and readers like me tend to come fore more ...

Modest Proposal can grow into something enourmous: artists standing in line of Soviet Union proportions ;-)

As artists we gather under one roof, whatever field we are in, whatever culture we come from. We may not all be exposed to poverty or censorship, but many are. If we come together to share our vision, our passion and our problems we can change things, for the better. Do you want to connect with [Paris Hilton and] others?
[Do you believe your work can and should make a difference?] When success is like a coin - it has two sides

via - http://www.artistswithoutfrontiers.com/

B.L. Ochman

I love this list. You've done us all a great service. Now what the hell will we all write about. ROFLMAO.

Dee Rambeau

#4 for me...

Kevin Dugan

Thanks for helping me out. I stopped by because I actually needed to cut and paste #10.


This is pure genius.

Jeremy Pepper

It's the sad truth, Eric. And, while I do get a little blustery at times, I do think that some of the so-called PR bloggers hurt PR more than help it.

PR will evolve. It always does.

Oh, and thank you for not calling me an A-lister, or I would have had to come up earlier than the 2006 IABC Vancouver conference and beat you with a ringette stick (sorry, just learned about ringette from the NYT story on Tim Horton's, and all caught up in it - prior, it'd be beating you with a hockey stick).

Eric Eggertson

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments, everyone. I send my missives out into the world, and quite often never hear any feedback. It's nice when something strikes a chord.

I've actually been thinking a lot lately of doing more original writing and less blogspotting. It's just hard to shake the habit when blogging about blogs yields hits and comments, while the other stuff often has no effect that's visible to me. Don't know why I should care so much about whether anyone's reading, but I do!

Jeremy Pepper

That's so true - one small post about twinkies and bread has the most commments this week.

Blog for the people you know read your blog. Someone recently asked me who I write for - I said I write for myself, and the two people I know read my blog. And, yes, they never comment, but they are good friends who do IM me comments (and, sometimes, copy edit for me).

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