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June 07, 2005


Jeremy Pepper

You don't look fat.

BUT, I will post a follow-up to the never-ending question of "Canadians: Fat or Not" after we meet at IABC. I think it will be a groundbreaking series, on par or better than PR Face2Face. And, I blame the higher fat content in the chocolate.

Pierce, you ever have a Canadian Kit-Kat? They're amazing.

Eric Eggertson

I suppose by Pierce's standards I'm probably morbidly obese. My gut sticks out, you can't see my ribs through my skin, and I rarely wear a thong in public.

Alas, I'm not going to be at the IABC International this year, Jeremy. I have next year's conference pencilled in, but this year I'm stayin' home.

And for the record, Pierce has yet to respond to my criticism that his blog makes a pretense of accepting comments, but doesn't. That's a good way to control the message, but as a way of conducting a dialogue with your readers, it sucks.

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