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July 05, 2005


John Wagner


I agree ... and I think it will be increasingly difficult for people to write and speak clearly given the facts:

1) texting and instant messaging encourage butchered writing and shortcuts.

2) Popular speech patterns are lazy and language is filled with inane slang that morphs and spreads quickly due to technology.

I know I'm an old fogey but I can see a future where no one really knows what anyone is saying or writing.

But everyone will have a forum!

Eric Eggertson


I see a lot of really good writing from young people, so I'm not too worried about the future.

As for IM, slang, etc., the stuff that doesn't resonate in the language tends to fall away after a year or two. I think young people are very effective communicators. The fact that what they say is sometimes almost incomprehensible is totally appropriate, since they don't really want the vice-principal to understand what they're saying, anyway.

John Wagner


You may be right ... especially about the vice principal, anyway! :)

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