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July 11, 2005


Jeremy Pepper

Okay, I think he was more pissed that he asked Steve for Java information, and then never heard from him again. That's just bad.

Eric Eggertson

Yep. That's bad. But in this age of spam filters and 300 e-mail a day Inboxes, it's not unheard of for someone to miss an e-mail.

I'd love to see some of the more vocal blogger complainers actually stop receiving e-mails from anyone who acts in a public relations capacity for their company, and see how long before they start complaining that the Scobles of this world are ignoring them. Anyone who is an evangelist is a PR person, in some small way, so they're part of a larger conversation. If they don't want to accept any e-mails from ANYONE who is pushing an agenda, it's going to be a long, quiet summer.

Jeremy Pepper

It'd be like an Arizona summer. BTW, it was a disgusting 42C today.

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