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July 05, 2005


Jeremy Pepper

I am so excited about Tim Horton's coming to the US. I used to go to them occasionally in Windsor.

And, just throw a couple of their donuts at me, not raw meat, and I'll be fine. ;)

Eric Eggertson

(laughs) The only problem I have with Tim Hortons is that they don't trust their customers to add cream to the coffee. I always end up with too much or too little cream in my coffee because I've never figured out if I'm a double, a triple or a quadruple (squirts of cream). Just give me the cream jug and let me do it myself, please!

Jeremy Pepper

Maybe Tim Horton had an issue with cream when he played hockey? Got hit by a creamer at Olympia by a rowdy Red Wings fan, and he declared that never would Tim Horton patrons be allowed to touch the creamer?

See, it's the too-nice stereotype for Canadians. Can you see a New Yorker being told they can't touch the cream? My god, there'd be bloodshed! Next time, bring a ringette stick and tap it on the counter and ask for the cream in a menacing way - they should turn it over then.

My Dad used to talk about what a great player he was. He must have been great to watch.

Eric Eggertson

Yeah, I didn't start watching hockey games until after his death. It was all Dave Keon, Ron Ellis and Jacques Plante on the Leafs by then.

Gordon Boudreau

I used to live near Toronto, and I really miss Tim Horton's since I moved back to the US. I think there's quite a market for it here; either you get Starbuck's expensive, very rich, and large cups of coffee, or you get Duncan Donuts, which seems to have no consistency whatsoever in its quality from franchise to franchise. Tim's is an inexpensive, good, rich, mellow coffee that's always consistent. I hope it does well.

Eric Eggertson

There was a rumour that one reason customers are so devoted is that Tim's boosted their coffee with extra caffeine, but the Globe and Mail had several coffees analyzed, and determined Tim Hortons had much less caffeine than Starbucks coffee.

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