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December 18, 2005


Warren Bickford

Hi Eric. Enjoyed your summary of the "Battle Royale" although I'm not sure I would characterize it quite that way. As I have said before, my intentions were clear and I think I have been meeting them - when time allows. What constantly amazes me is the expectations some people have.

As you know, involvement in IABC is entirely voluntary. IABC leaders - at all levels - have families, jobs, and all varieties of other volunteer commitments. You'd think there might be some slack awarded for that. Oh well, as I said to "The Crusher" last week, I have very thick skin. David, and Ragan, are entitled to their opinion and I'm sure they'll move on soon enough to the next shinny object. In the meantime, it makes for entertaining reading.

Eric Eggertson

Thanks for dropping by, Warren. You think I'm a bit over the top? I was aiming for WAY over the top, but my Photoshop skills limited me a bit!

Robert French

Eric, I think you reached the top - and more. Enjoyable post. My favorite line: "The food here is terrible! And such small portions!" Ah, blogs ... such fun.

Ya' know, they should do this match on one of the WCW/WWE televised wrasslin' programs. There are actually rules. http://tinyurl.com/cy5wb

Rage in a Cage

A match held in an oval-shaped cage. It is typically used as the arena for the "blowoff match" of a feud. It can be used for a tag team or singles match. In this match, wins are usually by pinfall.

Now, how scary that I actually looked this up?

Eric Eggertson


It all brings back memories of All-Star Wrestling, when Gene Kiniski (west coast Canada) was the bad guy, and barefooted little Erich Froehlich was the good guy. It had none of the bombast of modern "wrestling", but the good guy vs. bad guy thing was already well established on the wrestling circuit.

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