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January 11, 2006



but there's just SO MUCH great content in the world - either locked up in paper text, or stuck in one place and at one time. podcasting means all that content -- for instance university prof's lectures, public domain books, poetry readings etc. etc. could be available to anyone anytime (if they have an internet connection). the worry isn't lack of good content! it's lack of podcast evangelists ...

Eric Eggertson

No argument from me. There are TONS of shows currently being produced for radio that I would love to be able to access by podcast, so I could listent to them on my schedule.

Not to mention the professional and amateur sources of content who are capable of producing listenable podcasts. I think it's an area of huge potential growth. The big media/celebrity types may try to hog the audience, but there is no single audience out there, just thousands (and eventually millions) of micro-audiences coalescing around common audio content.

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