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January 16, 2006


Kevin Dugan

Is this pay for performance or promising coverage? It sounds like the latter, which is far outside the realm of PR ethics. I'm sure they do a bang up job on ad equivalency too.

Eric Eggertson

Yeah, I'm not too impressed with the idea that you can guarantee placement. Plus, the assumption that placement will help a particular client achieve its business goals that year is a huge assumption. What if their goals would be better met in some other way?

Robert French

Two very funny posts, Eric. They reference something that is all too sad, as well. Puffery without substance in PR. Always sad to see and never does anything good for the discipline.

The key questions, as always, are 'where' the articles will be published. 'Who' will they reach. And that is followed by the 'what' will the placements do for the client. I note they do not make any promises there.

How convenient.

Allan Jenkins

Well, they have their work cut out for them.

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