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February 10, 2006


Jim Turner

I would never work! Of course I have 4 kids 6 and under I at my house, so we pretty much are the generators of germs.

Eric Eggertson

Schools, day cares, playgrounds and just about anywhere kids hang out are excellent incubators for illness. Just ask a kindergarten teacher.

Chris Heuer

It just really irks me when I keep seeing sick people at conferences spreading their germs. Trouble is that it is often people I respect and like as an individual so I don't feel comfortable saying anything about it.

So I launched a new web site/wiki last night with the hope of spreading the message. http://www.dontspreadgerms.org/

Maybe we can come up with a viral message to stop the spread of viral biology...

Eric Eggertson

Thanks. I'll check it out!

Lee Hopkins

G'day Eric,

Taking into account your plea for clarity of grammar and sentence structure, when you wash your hands religiously does it mean you pray, or that you have discovered some secret sect of worshippers who have found a way to commune with God through the ritual of handwashing? {smile}

Eric Eggertson


I'm scrupulous and conscientious about hand-washing more than all secret secty.

I've always split my infinitives and suffered from terrible subject-object agreement. It's an affliction I try to cope with, and hope others will find it in them to read and forgive. ;-)

Lee Hopkins

ha ha ha. Consider yourself read and forgiven, sport. Those who have not sinned... which means I am also highly unlikely to pass any grammar test set by my old high school English master. I boldly split infinitives with the best of them

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