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February 15, 2006


Lion Kimbro

Too few groups (in both companies and civil society) recognize the importance of owning their mechanical infrastructure, or at least understanding deeply where the organization is coming from that provides it.

I like to tell the story this way: Suppose it was 2030, and you bought yourself a cyborg arm. Would you be secure in knowing that you weren't allowed to reprogram it? That some company reserved the right to shut it down, whenever they liked? That you aren't allowed to know how it works?

Eric Eggertson

Good analogy, Lion. I think it's okay to have some dependencies, but it's important to know where your weaknesses are, and what your fallback plan is if the service provider you depend on either goes out of business, changes their terms of service, or just fails to provide a stable service.

This goes for free services just as much as it goes for paid services.

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