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March 04, 2006


John Wagner

What's wrong with being an entrepreneur or a PR professional?

I don't quite understand Jane's point. Sure, take responsibility for your future. But focusing your efforts on trying to convince others that you are a "player" seems counter-productive in today's world.

Eric Eggertson

I think the point is that you have a choice to be a practitioner of a craft, or to be an icon that stands out as distinctive and powerful.

The idea being that you have more opportunities to set your price and attract the kinds of clients and opportunities that will increase your perceived value.

Jane's post reminds me of the recent blogstorm about the attitude of some A-List bloggers, who I think share some of the same attributes as The Player that Jane describes.

As some of the A-Listers have found, when you set yourself up as the beacon of wisdom, you don't get a lot of love from your peers unless you share some of the credit.

Alice Marshall

Most of us have feet of clay. But most of us have the good sense to try to conceal that fact, or at least not call attention to it. Sheesh.

John Wagner

Eric ... I agree with you about the similarities between Jane's "players" and "A-listers."

I guess I just feel that many people see right through the player's efforts to be a player. In other words, they don't fool anybody ... they are just more ambitious about personal power than others.

The question we all have to ask ourselves is, "Do I really want to emulate the type of person Jane puts on a pedestal?"

Not me. There are many different definitions of success.

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