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March 11, 2006


Rob Cottingham

Thanks for the link, Eric.

Blogrolling is a funny thing: the way it becomes a reciprocal currency, the uncertain etiquette of dropping one blog to make room for another, the dilemma of whether you add someone you don't actually read out of courtesy, what your current partner thinks of the fact that you've just blogrolled an ex-lover, and what to do when a blogroll longer than the Yellow Pages throws your layout into disarray.

In my case, my blogroll is just lifted from my Bloglines subscriptions. But it's still long enough that I've had to move it to a separate page.

Eric Eggertson

Rob: I just finished culling my Bloglines subscriptions fairly severely. I'm actually thinking of cutting it down even further, and moving all the blogs that I don't follow religiously to a Kinja account, and browsing them all as one big batch, divided by tags.

At the same time, I updated my blogroll, because it no longer represented my reading habits. And yes, there are a couple of courtesy links there, that I hardly ever read any more. Next step in my clean-up will be to move the list out of my margin, like you've done. At that point, I'll probably add even more sites to the list.

Andrea Weckerle


Thank you, it’s much appreciated.

Your argument in favor of blogrolls is a strong one -- namely pointing others to interesting material -- and possibly trumps the reason that has perhaps soured some people to the idea of blogrolls or Technorati’s new favorites feature, namely the “popularity contest” aspect.

Kami Huyse

Thanks Eric. I suspect you are right that people abandon their blogrolls due to the time factor. I don't add soemone to my public blogroll until I am reading them very regularly, or if I have some sort of relationship with them. I have many, many more feeds in my reader than those that appear on my blogroll.

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