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April 03, 2006


David Jones

Thanks for the mention of the podcast. We're like proud parents...though Terry is more the doting one and I'm in the nursery cursing as I build the crib.

We hope we can put together an entertaining and interesting program on a weekly basis and generate some good discussion about our industry that isn't entirely centred on social media/web 2.0.

We're a work in progress, so we welcome any comments you have about our fledgling podcast.

Terry Fallis

Many thanks for showcasing our humble podcast. David and I are pumped about this new adventure and we're grateful for the exposure Inside PR has already received from bloggers like you. It's all about the conversations and we appreciate those your post has started. Stay tuned. Episode 2 is just around the corner. Thanks again.


Eric, I found you on Technorati and I'll subscribe to your very interesting blog. Good stuff, drop me a line Eric, it's been too long.

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