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April 05, 2006


Eric Eggertson

I heard from David Murray this morning, and he's working on getting a link to his editorial that people can view without becoming subscribers. Once that's available, I will update this post.

Just to clarify -- I got an electronic copy of the editorial yesterday by someone who suggested it was a balanced, well-reasoned look at the "blogs will solve all problems" discussion. Because I didn't read the editorial until after business hours, and I didn't have that person's permission (or Murray's) to use the editorial in any way, I canvassed about to get access to it from a Ragan subscriber who was reachable in the evening. Failing that, I finally just logged onto the web site and became a subscriber to the magazine Murray edits.

My apologies to the person who originally passed on the editorial if they feel I put them in an awkward position by rushing to publish. I waited until I was able to get independent confirmation of the contents of the editorial before posting anything, but I guess I could have warned that person about what I was up to.

David Murray

Just so we're all on the same page, here's what I originally wrote for the May-June issue of the Journal of Employee Communication Management. Eric is right: I am sincerely interested in seeing essays on how social media is transforming internal communication. I'm at: [email protected].


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