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April 06, 2006


Allan Jenkins

I may be a nobody, but I am my own nobody. And, yet, if I am my own nobody, do I become somebody? To myself, I mean... this is going to require far more thought than I have time for.

Eric Eggertson

Allan: Even if you technically become a somebody through your affiliation with other nobodies, you can always apply for lifetime nobody status. As the charter member of the club, you can pull some strings.

Gary Goldhammer

My little nobody brain hurts now...okay, I'll throw out a name: Nobodies On the Net, or NON for short. Truly a name that means nothing :-)

Mary Schmidt

Sign me up! I may be a "nobody" but my mamma loves me! Everybody's "nobody" is somebody's somebody (or something like that.)

Thanks for making a great point, with humor.


I'm sure that I'm nobody and I need a buttom but nobody give me one.
can you do ?
please, send it to [email protected]
thaks in advance
[ ]s


Please add http://breakingranks.net to the nobody's club!

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