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April 15, 2006


Torley Linden

I came here from Mr. Scoble's blog... one of the things I dislike most about repetitive "raw bile" is it's so redundant. I've already been there, done that--and life's too short as it is, the happy stuff is rare and puny in proportion. So yeah, I could use more smiles. :)

I also gotta say:

1) that "troll" looks like something outta Where The Wild Things Are!

2) You look like you could be related to Robert Scoble! ;)

Take care.

Eric Eggertson


Scoble and I are actually part of a secret government plot to seed the planet with fair-haired geeks. We're supposed to procreate and spawn even more geeks, but it's hard to concentrate on sex when there are blog posts to write... ;)

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