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July 07, 2006


cathi bond

Hi there!

Thanks for mentioning the prosecast. I just spoke with Gautam Malkani and it was a total blast. This is going to add another whole level to promotion of books and eliminate the wall between readers and authors.


Eric Eggertson

No problem, Cathi. Now, if Margaret Atwood can get her robotic book-signing machine working properly (and add some personal touch that makes it seem less, well, robotic), the grinding book tour may become optional, rather than mandatory.

Dave Traynor

Thought you might want to know that Saskatoon author Art Slade has a book coming out this fall called Megiddo's Shadow that is also getting the whole treatment from Harper Collins. They've done an intriguing video cast of the book -- sort of a movie trailer format. You can see it at Art's website at www.arthurslade.com. Nice to see Canadian publishers jumping on this bandwagon.

Eric Eggertson

Cool. I'll have to check out Art's website.

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