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July 25, 2006



before you criticize someone for not making an appearance at this event you should get the facts as to why they didn't show up. whether or not your comment was serious or tongue in cheek it was inappropriate.


"beer surreptitiously sipped"

From thefreedictionary.com

sur·rep·ti·tious Pronunciation (sûrp-tshs)
1. Obtained, done, or made by clandestine or stealthy means.
2. Acting with or marked by stealth. See Synonyms at secret

I have _no_ comment.

Good to meet you Eric!


Eric Eggertson

Ross: Didn't mean to offend. I wasn't actually trying to crititicize Stephen, I was just trying to give a bit of a description of the event, and threw that in to give a bit of flavour for the fact that events don't always go exactly as planned. If it came across as criticism (and I can see how it would), I apologize.

Stephen sent me an e-mail, and I edited the post. And yes, the comment was supposed to be tongue in cheek.



Don't worry, I didn't read most people's blogs either! Before I went I told myself that I would read every blog on the RSVP list. Well, that didn't happen. But for the people I did meet, I'll be reading their blogs now. I already pissed off the guys at Ford Focus Wagon with my Conservative views. haha.

And I was going to make a jello salad. But somehow forgot about it and just made a lettuce salad. Oh well.

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