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August 01, 2006



For some reason, I thought VanCity was a Venture Capital firm. So, either I'm crazy, or they do have a Venture Capital subsidiary.


I said it once and I'll say it again, VanCity is an amazing company and I would go for the job if I wasn't really happy where I'm working right now. Plus, I would have to move from Regina and I wouldn't see you as often as possible (once every three years). Yikes, let's Zest more often.

Eric Eggertson

Hey, you better switch your account to a credit union quick, or they'll never consider you!

It was great Zesting with you, Spamouflage. Let's not wait three years this time.

Lee Davis, CEO Vancity Capital

Vancity Capital was established in 1999 to provide growth capital (funding the capital gap between commercial bank lines and pure equity) for small and medium size enterprises. Since inception we have loaned over $50 million to 150 companies in British Columbia in the technology, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, sustainable and social enterprise markets. Our motivation is to see SMEs thrive and achieve a balance of financial, community and environmental returns.

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