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August 12, 2006


Andrea Weckerle

For what it's worth, you're definitely not a "stupid and a lousy blogger." But the last time I stood up for you, we started a Nobodies revolution :-)

Eric Eggertson

Heh heh. I'm mostly annoyed, because my innocuous harranguing of Pierce M. used to be the third item on a Google search of his name. All this attention has pushed me way down in the rankings.

Steve Hultgren

Eric, we've posted the first set of videos (three in all) of our roundtable event on our updated blog. We also have a transcript posted for convenience. The second set of more in-dept videos will go up in the next week. BTW, Pierce Mattie PR went with the update of Movable Type not WordPress. How’s your update coming?

Eric Eggertson

Thanks for the info, Steve.

I'm tinkering with WordPress while I wort out what the blog wants to be when it grows up. I think the key for me will be to get things up and running without adding too many bells and whistles. Then, once it's stable, I can look at adding widgets and other functions to add some spice for visitors.

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