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August 26, 2006


Tom Foremski

Yes, you are right, the mainstream media can let a story sink if it feels it was left out of the loop. Journalists, anywhere, even journalist bloggers hate having to follow up someone else's story, especially if they can't add to it, or god forbid, they can't stand it up on their own contacts but have to give credit to another journalist :-)

Eric Eggertson

Just watch a dog pissing every 10 feet to mark his territory, and you've got the instinctive reaction to a story idea. It's not that the journalists don't think the story has any merit, but they want to be able to put their mark on it.

Dave Forde

Interesting question, if you look at some of the popular blog posts that have come out in the last few months bloggers get them out days before traditional media. It took a lot of the media publications 2 - 5 days to catch on to Robert's story.

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