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September 27, 2006



Number 2 is best for a blog.

Eric Eggertson

Hey, I forgot to include my boudoir self-portraits. Wait a minute while I upload them....

Darn, my wife deleted them all!

Thx, Saskboy.

Josh Hallett

Hmmm....linking the words 'serial killer' to your name might not be good for SEO a few months from now :-)

I guess we'll only have to worry if you start using your middle name, since all serial killers are known by their full names.

Eric Eggertson

Arni. But don't tell anyone.

Constantin Basturea

Definitely no. 2 :)

Andrea Weckerle

Ok, of the three #2 is best (although please without the "Mysterious Stranger" tag), but I think you need more choices :-)

Allan Jenkins

"And kids, if THIS guy offers you candy, what do you do?"

"We shoot his ass and THEN call 911!"

I opt for #2. Oh, "The Mysterious Stranger," in Twain's novella, is Satan, so you might want to rethink that description.

Eric Eggertson

I really should delete Photo #1 off the blog, off my hard drive, and hunt down everyone who might have downloaded it, and run magnets over their hard drives.

But this way, no matter how disturbed I look in pictures other people take of me, I'll always know that I have something more disturbing...


I think the first photo makes you look very distinguished. You're obviously a very creative person.

Donna Papacosta

I am not trying to be a contrarian, Eric, but I prefer #3. I just like the composition of it.

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