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September 17, 2006


m jessop

Any thoughts of podcasting TERRY O'REILLY AND THE AGE OF PERSUASION ?? The current broadcast times are difficult to catch. Please consider it.


M Jessop

Eric Eggertson

I'll forward your suggestion to Terry at Pirate Radio and TV, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Getting the rights approvals for songs and other copyrighted material would be a huge task, given the slow pace with which actors, musicians and music copyright holders are moving toward agreement on compensation for digital distribution on the Internet.

Last year's O'Reilly on Advertising is available on disk from CBC, and I suspect this year's show will also go that route (but I have no inside knowledge on that).

Laurie Dillon-Schalk

Thanks for your post - I was looking for more o'reilly info and the cbc site is too thin.

I too am interested in Terry's podcasts - so I've signed up to give feedback on cbc.ca and also submitted a comment. Hopefully, we can drum up some demand and get Terry as a regular, subsciption podcast.

Terry Wiebe

I swear you guys are reading my mind. I too suggested the podcast route on the CBC podcast feedback page but reading this I realize that its not likely to happen:
a - they are selling the content for real money
b - the copyright on the material thing always gets in the way. sheesh.

Gene Ramsbottom

I have enjoyed the CBC Radio shows called the Age of Persuasion when I happen to catch them. Does Pirate Radio offer all the Age of Persuasion segments for sale on c.d? Last year's and this year's shows would be great then I'd get to hear them in order.

Track Star

I too would love to get my hands on all the shows. I have just recently been introduced to these shows and it would be great to hear the whole series from the beginning.
Lets get the Podcasts Up and Running!!!!

David Szeptycki

Hi there, while trying to hunt down more info on O'Reilly and the Age of Persuasion, I came across this link from Amazon... "The Age of Persuasion" is now available for pre-order.


Kats Konishi

I see that the original post is nearly a year and a half old and the most recent comment is over half a year ago, but for people who stumble on this site desperately looking for ways to listen to "Age of Persuasion" or older episodes, I have a few suggestions. The current season (including a rare rerun) started early January and is on going. Streams of these episodes are still available at http://www.cbc.ca/ageofpersuasion/ though I don't know for how long. A CD set of 10 episodes from the first season is available, but it isn't the whole season. I listen online (I live in Tokyo) which isn't that difficult to do since CBC Radio One streams for cities in 5 time zones and each stream is for that particular time zone so you have a 5 hour window of opportunity. (for me that means I have 5 chances to listen in Tokyo every Sunday starting at 12:30 am with my last chance at 4:30 am, not ideal, but possible) Just in case I'm not home I use RadioTime Redbutton (for Windows) and Radioshift (for my Mac) to record back up copies (I really like the series). I hope this was helpful

Terry O'Reilly

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the kind words on our radio show. Much appreciated. Mike and I have written a new book titled "The Age of Persuasion" based on the show.

If you'd like to do an online Q&A, or something, just let me know.


Terry O'Reilly

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