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October 04, 2006


John Wagner

This is an interesting discussion, especially considering the desire so many people have to formulate an ROI for blogging. If many of your visitors are coming because of some obscure celebrity reference or restaurant mention, they really aren't very valuable, are they?

I have the same problem ... a post I did on a Fuddrucker's viral website gets hit at least 10 times a day -- more on Fridays -- from people searching for "Fuddruckers' coupons."

I also wrote about black comedian Tyler Perry and his niche marketing success. Now, I am one of the world's leading internet authorities on him. :)

John Andrews


Since finding your blog I have become a reader, because I think you write well and I get value out of my visits. As an SEO, I caution you about some of the "SEO" resources you read. As much as 50% of what I see being "sold" out there is incorrect, at best.

As for targeted traffic from Google, you are currently not "strong" enough to get primary targeted traffic (themed traffic) and so you see the mixed bag of keyword referrals. Links will change that, but so can persistence; keep writing on topic. There are of course SEO methods to expedite that, but as you know, it's not pixie dust.

Since technically all of this is "business communications" you might consider choosing a highly specialized sub-topic for focus. Not unlike in the offline world...distinguish yourself in your subspecialty. A sub-specialty selected to draw the same audience, but on one very, very specific aspect of your current theme.

Eric Eggertson


The best SEO advice I've seen is to focus on writing useful content, then enhance that with some SEO techniques.

I agree with you - if you start with just SEO, you get into the game of trying to fool search engines into driving traffic to your site. I'd hate to go to all that work, and have nothing of value on the blog that would make people want to stick around and come back.

Thanks for the advice about picking a subspecialty. I'll noodle on that and make sure I have it clear in my head what niche I'm trying to carve out.

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