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October 21, 2006


James (ReginaRadio.com)

It's so nice to see someone in Saskatchewan listening to podcasts! You'd be suprised how hard it is just to find someone who even knows what a podcast is!

Eric Eggertson

James - thanks for dropping by! Yours was the first blog I every read.

I've subscribed to your video podcast. Looking forward to eccentric social commentary and whatever else you're into these days.

P.S. The James and Kevin show is the best local cable show I've ever seen. You guys did good comedy.


Diggnation is pretty bad, I tried it once.

Eric Eggertson

SaskBoy: I listened to the latest Diggnation episode today. It sounds a bit like Wayne's World with more esoteric references. I'll give it a few more listens before deciding whether to give it thumbs up or down...

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