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October 01, 2006


Brian Solis

Eric, thanks for the link to the The Social Bookmarking Faceoff! I appreciate it.

Eric Eggertson

Hey, Brian. You wrote it. I just linked to it. Thank you for maintaining my faith in the quality of analysis in blogs.

Paull Young

Hi Eric - I've been reading for some time, this is my first comment.

Thanks for the link to my PR podcast post!

Eric Eggertson

Paull: I've been meaning to do a review of my favourite podcasts for a while. I won't hold it against you that you beat me to the punch. Still lots to say about the various shows.

Thanks for posting a comment. It's always good to have evidence that people are visiting.

Paull Young

There is definitely room to go further.

As I noted in my post, I was just thinking about my favourite shows while giving blood - came home and tapped out a PR podcasting primer.

I aimed to give an outline of the show (its content and signifigance), and also describe the 'feel' of it a bit by explaining where/when I listened to it.

If you do do an in-depth review, I hope the Forward Podcast gets a mention :)

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