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November 11, 2006


Andrea Weckerle

If a community is willing to undergo a jury trial of sorts, perhaps another option, to be considered for future use, is mediation. Mediation has worked successfully in 1st life, even in distance situations, and would therefore likely work in many SL situations as well. But in 1st life, success is greatest when the parties/representatives of the parties voluntarily choose to participate vs. being required to by an outside entity, and there's no reason to think that would be different in SL. If an offense, transgression or something else has taken place and the goal is to open the lines of communication and truly resolve a particular problem, or at least come to a "mutually agreeable solution," mediation may be one option.

Eric Eggertson

This is an interesting case of having to defend your reputation in a semi-official way, as opposed to keeping an eye out for rumours, and trying to combat them with information.

Like I said, it will be interesting to see if this goes in a positive direction - encouraging discussion of expectations and rules of behaviour - or if it's the virtual equivalent of the blacklists, where corporations are assumed guilty until they appear before a committee.

Mediation would be a good alternative, but only if there's an intention to reach agreement. And then you have to find a decent mediator...

Kami Huyse

Andrea could do it. Why doesn't she open a mediation office in SL? I'll have to ask her.


I'm a college student, and we talk about Second Life a lot in my audience research class. I'm not surprised that Second Life residents are in an uproar. It seems that big business is trying to take over their territory (rightly so I guess considering the HUGE advertising and marketing opportunities there). I just hope that these "juries" don't turn into witch hunts, banning banning businesses for personal, not professional reason. I found this post interesting and linked to it in my blog. (prcrazed.blogspot.com) Thanks!

Mike Driehorst

Are the SL residents trying to set up a utopia?

Well, at least by banning agencies and corporations, it'll open the door for individual PR guys and gals for real one-on-one WOM efforts.

Eric Eggertson


I have to admit I'm at a disadvantage in gauging the degree of outrage in Second Life, because I just don't go there (it's not that I'm afraid of a virtual world - I just know I would spend way too much time wandering around).

How real are the claims that this is a bona fide citizen revolt? I haven't seen any details of the vote that was taken, how many people participated, etc. Was it one or two people IM'ing 30 virtual neighbours to achieve a "democratic" result? I have no idea...

Until I see something that proves this goes deep and wide, I'll remain healthily skeptical about the degreee of unrest.

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