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November 30, 2006


John Wagner


Well said ... I agree completely.

In the U.S., especially, there is an entire culture built around being a "victim" -- in a land of self-determination, many people find satisfaction in blaming everything on those white European settlers and their evil ways.

I don't think we should sugar-coat history, but at the same time, politicizing something like Thanksgiving seems counter-productive.

Tim Hicks

While I generally agree with your post, when you write "But the ones who lecture the rest of us on what we should be doing, how we should be speaking, and - most importantly - what we shouldn't be doing and saying" aren't *you* lecturing in exactly the same way?

Eric Eggertson

Tim: Yes, I may in fact be the strident, humourless bore mentioned in the first paragraph.

As soon as I lapse out of saying what "I" want to do, should do, must do, I get into the dangerous area of being a tedious bore, lecturing others on how they should lead their lives.

I tried to keep this piece more about what I think I should do, but the lecture about what "you" should do slips in there, almost by magic.

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